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SmarTransn helps its customers earn unrivalled reputation and build good corporate images, some cases listed below speak for themselves.

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Drinking Moutai-- A Healthy Lifestyle
A special medical examination on those who consumed Moutai daily, even over 150 ml per day for a long time, by the medical experts at Zunyi Hospital, Guizhou Province, found that no harm to the cohort in the liver, according to a report released by Xinhua News…..

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Packaging creates value…

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SmarTransn boasts a strong customer base. We provide our customers with excellent translation solutions and help them earn unrivalled reputation and build good corporate images among their customers. And we have grown with our customers who speak highly of our considerate services that add value to their brand names, some cases listed below speak for themselves.

A. Corporate AV

1. Drinking Moutai   A Healthy Lifestyle
A special medical examination on those who consumed Moutai daily, even over 150 ml per day for a long time, by the medical experts at Zunyi Hospital, Guizhou Province, found that no harm to the cohort in the liver, according to a report released by Xinhua NewsAgency( Guiyang) on May 28, 1993.
Followed the finding, a surprise arose in the medical sector and liquor industry, for, it is generally said that a long term alcohol drinker is likely to be found with fatty liver or hepatocirrhosis...

2.History and Future
An enterprise,
in pursuit of an excellence, gaining world attention.
Setting a standard of excellence, attaining high acclaim .

The legend of Moutai dates back over two thousand years to Yelang, an ancient country founded by minorities in China’s Guizhou province. In 135 BC, the Han Dynasty’s ambassador to Yelang presented Emperor Han Wudi with Jujiang liquor,a tribute from Yelang’s king. The Emperor highly praised it for its unique fragrance…

3.Packaging creates value.
With sustainable and rapid development in China’s economy and economic globalization, China’s packaging industry grew by an average annual rate of 18 percent in the past 20 years. In 2003, with gross output value amounting to SGD 56 billion, China was the world’s fourth largest  packaging gurus .
Southern Packaging Co., Ltd., with total assets of SGD 70.84 million, is now the leading plastic packaging enterprise with competitive strengths in the PRC. The Company is primarily engaged in the manufacture and sale of flexible and rigid packaging products ranging from packaging films and bags, plastic bottles or containers and caps. In addition, it also provides value added packaging services for dry and granulated products…

4.Qingcun –A Charming Town in Shanghai
Shanghai, located on the west bank of the Pacific Ocean and reputed to be the oriental pearl, is developing at a fast pace to become an economic center in Asia and it is attaining world attention.
Qingcun Town, a charming place in Shanghai, is located on the south bank of Pujiang River, bordering the Bay of Hangzhou and the East China Sea. The Town, pursuing farsighted polices with large goals, is vibrant and open to the world.
Qingcun Town is leapfrogging in line with the world trends…

5. China KL
With technology advancement, people around the world enjoy a better life. With higher standards of living, consumers are seeking more environmentally friendly products to reduce energy consumption.
At the core of this trend is an enterprise, headquartered in Xinxiang, Henan Province, PRC, which has become one of the world’s largest manufacturers and R&D centers of freon-free and energy-saving evaporators and condensers for refrigeration system.. 
China KL, a world’s powerhouse of green and environmentally-friendly technology, is flying high into the future…

B. Corporate Brochures

1.Shanghai Institute of Geological Engineering Exploration
Shanghai Institute of Geological Engineering Exploration is a large-sized comprehensive geological investigation enterprise under Shanghai Municipal Housing, Land and Resource Administration Bureau.
Since its inception 40 years ago, we have been engaged in many key municipal engineering projects as well as constructions in Shanghai, providing technical support and services for Shanghai urban construction and management, including investigation and argumentation on Sinopec Shanghai Jinshan Petro-chemical Plant, Shanghai Baosteel Works, Qinshan Nuclear Power Station, Shanghai Pudong New Area, Shanghai Metro Lines, Shanghai Yangshan Deep-water Port and Lingang New Town etc. …

2. XEMC -- The Cradle of China’s Electric Manufacturing .
Blessed with waters, rivers and green mountains, Xiangtan city, Hunan Province, China, has been the birthplace of some of China’s most outstanding personalities including Zeng Guofan, a forerunner of the 19th century Chinese warlords, Qi Baishi, a famous Chinese painter, Chairman Mao Zedong and general Peng Dehuai etc. since one thousand years ago when it emerged.
Xiangtan Electric Manufacturing Group Corporation Ltd. (hereinafter called XEMC) is situated in this beautiful Xiangtan city, and it has grown up to become a very important player in China’s electric manufacturing industry with a long history dating from 1936, a group of men of vision and integrity gathered and created the Central Electric Equipment Factory (the predecessor to XEMC) in Xiashesi, Xiangtan, Hunan Province, China…

3. China KL
China KL has a strong research and development team of approximately 91 employees, a majority of whom are qualified engineers. The team is devoted to the development of new technologies, new techniques, new processes, new materials and new products for the production of evaporators and condensers. It is currently embarking on research and development for the launch of our new products. Our R&D team is also capable of manufacturing tailor-made products for our customers to maintain our lead and meet the changing needs in the refrigeration industry.

4. Southern Packaging Group Limited
Southern Packaging Group Limited is currently one of the key players in the PRC packaging industry.
The Group is primarily engaged in the manufacture and sale of flexible and rigid packaging products, and has unbeatable advantages in providing manufacturers of consumer products in the pharmaceutical, beverage and personal care industries with high quality plastic packaging products.
Our production of PET bottles in Clean Rooms for pharmaceutical packaging purpose has lifted China’s pharmaceutical packaging to a higher level up to the globally accepted standards.
Long term collaboration with MNCs including Nestle, Unilever and Avon etc. enables us to get access to the world’s latest information available in the packaging industry.

Building on state-of-the-art technology and equipments, coupled with global-vision management concept and collaboration with MNCs, we have grown to become a key player in the PRC packaging industry in terms of manufacture of flexible and rigid packaging products…

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