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A special medical examination on those who consumed Moutai daily, even over 150 ml per day for a long time, by the medical experts at Zunyi Hospital, Guizhou Province, found that no harm to the cohort in the liver, according to a report released by Xinhua News…..

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Culture Important in Advertising
The increase in global trade means that international companies cannot afford to make costly advertising mistakes if they want to be competitive.

Understanding the language and culture of target markets in foreign countries is one of the keys to successsful international marketing. Too many companies, however, have jumped into foreign markets with embarrassing results.

Faulty Translations
Translation mistakes are at the heart of many blunders in international advertising.
General Motors, the US auto manufacturer, got a costly lesson when it introduced its Cherrolet Nova to the Puerto Rican market. "Nova" is Latin for "new(star)" and means "star" in many languages, but in Spoken Spanish it can sound like "no va", meaning "it doesn't go". Few people wanted to buy a car with that cursed meaning. When GM changed the name to Caribe, sales picked up dramatically.

Marketing blunders have also been made by food and beverage companies. One American food company's friendly "Jolly Green Giant"(for advertising vegetables)became something quite different when it was translated into Arabic as "Intimiding Green Ogre".

When translated into German, Pepsi's popular slogan,"Come Alive with Pepsi" implying "Come Alive from the Grave". No wonder customers in Germany didn't rush to buy Pepsi.

Even a company with an excellent international track record like Kentucky Fried Chicken is not immune to the perils of faulty translation. Many sales were lost when the catch phrase"finger licking good"became "eat your finger off"in Chinese translation.

A manufacturer of one laundry detergent also made an expensive mistake in the Middle East. Its advertisement showed a picture of a pile of dirty clothes on the left, a box of the company's detergent in the middle and clean clothes in the right.Unfortunately, the message was incorrectly interpreted because most people looked at it from right to left, the way the Arabic is read.

Avoid Culture Oversight
Successful international marketing doesn't stop with good translations---other aspects of culture must be researched and understood if marketers are to avoid blunders.

When marketers do not understand and appreciate the values, tastes, geography, climate,supersitions,religions, or economy of a culture, they fail to capture their target market.

For example, an American designer tried to introduce a new perfume into the Latin American market, but the product aroused little interest. The main reason was that the camellia(flower)used in it was traditionally used for funerals in many South American countries.

Prevent Blunders
Having awakened to the special nature of foreign advertising, companies are becoming much more conscious in their translations and more sensitive to culture disinfections.
The best way to prevent errors is to hire professional translators who understand the target language and its idiomatic usage, or to use a technique called "back translation"to reduce the possibility of blunders.
The process uses one person to translate a message into the target language and another to translate it back. Effective translations aim to capture the overall message of an advertisement because a word-for-word duplication of the original rarely conveys the intended meaning and often causes

Advertising Translation
Advertise your products and your brand across China.
For better advertising and branding, effective and accurate translation services are needed

Rendering your brand
Every industry and subject has its own peculiarly terminology and getting this right is very important for advertising and branding where communicating the right messages is vital. Our project managers will work with you to ensure that our translators use the correct terms and descriptions consistent with your branding. We can even translate your brand guidelines and pass them back to you to sign off before we begin the translation of your documents.

This set up phase will ensure that you are fully happy that your brand values are protected in the translation and therefore will be fine when your advertising hits the streets across China.

Translating directly into your design
We boast that we are able to work with any type of file format. So if you have a brochure designed in QuarkXpress, a billboard in Adobe InDesign, an XML feed into your website or you have a bespoke content management system, your translation will be delivered in the exact format you need.

Translation for Public Relations
China is one of the most important markets around the world now and any company who is serious about being a good player has to manage their public image here. You need to keep a tight reign on your PR messages at the best of times so when they are translated into Chinese you need a local translation company you can trust.

Terminology and Glossaries
Every industry and subject has its own specific terminology and getting this right is vital to ensuring the right messages are conveyed in your press releases. Our project managers will work with you to ensure that our translators use the correct terms and descriptions in your press releases. This set up phase will ensure that all ongoing translations are of a very high quality and that they can be delivered to you to hit your deadlines.

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