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SmarTransn helps its customers earn unrivalled reputation and build good corporate images, some cases listed below speak for themselves.

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Drinking Moutai-- A Healthy Lifestyle
A special medical examination on those who consumed Moutai daily, even over 150 ml per day for a long time, by the medical experts at Zunyi Hospital, Guizhou Province, found that no harm to the cohort in the liver, according to a report released by Xinhua News…..

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Packaging creates value…

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Interpreting services
SmarTransn's simultaneous Interpreters offer 'real time' interpreting for international conferences, and consecutive interpreters offer interpreting for meetings and smaller groups, our telephone interpreters offer multilingual teleconferences for business.
SmarTransn offers multilingual interpreting services to meet clients' needs. At SmarTransn, a leading interpreting service provider in China, our highly experienced and informed interpreters are competent to offer unmatched interpreting services including training seminars, press conferences, high-profile business meetings, on-site technical exchanges, overseas delegation receptions, and
  Travel and tourism 
  International conferences 
  Finance and banking
  Retail and wholesale 

Our effective quality control program and considerate business model can ensure you with qualified interpreters whenever you need, to facilitate you both culturally and linguistically.

Aside from our in-house interpreting team, SmarTransn also has a huge pool of competent contract interpreters for your service.

Interpreter+Assistant+Local Guide
SmarTransn offers escort interpretation for individuals or small groups on business trips, field research and exhibitions etc.  

Telephonic interpretation
At SmarTransn, English/Chinese over the phone interpretation is available, and please give us advance notice in order to make a careful arrangement.

SmarTransn is your reliable language partner.

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