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SmarTransn helps its customers earn unrivalled reputation and build good corporate images, some cases listed below speak for themselves.

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Drinking Moutai-- A Healthy Lifestyle
A special medical examination on those who consumed Moutai daily, even over 150 ml per day for a long time, by the medical experts at Zunyi Hospital, Guizhou Province, found that no harm to the cohort in the liver, according to a report released by Xinhua News…..

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SmarTransn Offers Linguistic Checking Services

Helping you avoid brand disasters in China

Our linguistic checking services help you make sure the words you use are appropriate to the audience you are addressing - in their native language.

Our Professional International Multilingual Brand Checking Services help you shun the possible pitfalls as follows:
  The name's already in use 
  Your chosen brand name has an offensive meaning in China
  The colours you have chosen are unlucky in China
  The brand name you've picked doesn't translate well and the meaning is changed 
  Your product is culturally offensive in China
  Our Check Packages
  Our Check Packages are available in over 10 languages. Please call for details.

Our Check Packages
Our Check Packages are available in over 10 languages. Please call for details.

Package Description Typical Applications Price
Name Check Ensure names are appropriate for use in China. Checking product names, company names, trademarks and titles. 50 USD
Culture Check Shun cultural pitfalls. Checking advertising imagery, colours, product packaging and positioning. 80 USD
Message Check Ensure messages are appropriate and consistent across target markets. Strapline, slogan and marketing and website copy checking. 100 USD
TOTAL CHECK Name, culture and message checking in one convenient, cost effective package Product launches and campaigns in China 200 USD

Why SmarTransn?

We are the first one in China’s translation industry to provide linguisitic checking services. We consider not only the dangers of literal translations, but tone, colloquial terms, cultural preferences, nuances and traditions.
We ensure precise locality checking. Key components include:
  Experienced mother tongue bi-lingual trained researchers with strong insights and in-depth knowledge of the Chinese markets.
  Expertise in all subjects across China’s local market.
  Tailored services to suit all requirements.
  Speedy services, often within 24 hours.
  High-quality and cost-effective services.

Pepsi Corporation's "Come Alive with Pepsi" was first translated into the Chinese phrase "Pepsi brings your dead ancestors back to life,". The same slogan was also rendered into an interesting German approximation; "Come out of the grave with Pepsi.".

Rolls Royce was planning on adding a new vehicle to their successful Silver Cloud line, tentatively named the "Silver Mist." Things were fine until someone pointed out that in German "mist" means manure.

IVAC Corporation of California produces intravenous infusion pumps to deliver intravenous drugs to hospital patients. In the mid-1980s, they introduced a product into the market called "neomate," targeted at neonatal intensive care. In Spanish, however "neomate" translates approximately into "fresh kill", so, needless to say, they chose a different name for the Spanish product.

Fiat, found that they had to rename their "uno" when selling it in Finland. "Uno" means garbage in Finnish.

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